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Dr Stretch Brow Lift

Drooping of the eyebrows, deep wrinkles in the forehead and crow’s feet are common signs of ageing. This can result in an aged, tired or sad appearance. Loose skin in the upper eyelids can sometimes interfere with vision. Each of these features can often be very effectively improved with surgical procedures.

Excess sagging forehead skin results in the eyebrows descending to a position that may be low relative to the underlying boney brow. The brow and upper eyelid skin consequently droop onto the upper eyelashes. The significant components of this age related change need to be assessed and potentially individually corrected to produce a more rested and youthful appearance.  


There are no specific preparations for this procedure other than the avoidance   of any medications (aspirin & non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs including Nurofen) that alter blood clotting and may increase bruising.

Post Op

  • This procedure may be performed as a day surgery or overnight stay.
  • All dressings are generally removed the morning after surgery and patients are able to shower and wash their hair.
  • Brow lift sutures are hidden in the hairline and removed approximately 7 days post operatively.

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