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Dr Stretch Liposuction

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that utilises inconspicuous incisions (typically 5mm) to remove fat deposits from specific sites of the body. Liposuction is not a way to lose weight. It can however be an excellent option for patients with good skin tone who seek to re-contour defined body regions.

This procedure typically involves initially infusing the selected region with saline fluid that also contains drugs (to reduce post-op discomfort & bruising). A variety of techniques including standard aspiration cannulae, together with power and ultrasound assisted devices are then used to emulsify and remove fat from the targeted area. The short access incisions, wherever possible placed in inconspicuous skin creases, and then closed with absorbable internal sutures. An elasticised compression garment is then applied. 

There are many marketing names used to describe and promote this fundamental process. The most important predictor of a good outcome is careful patient selection rather than marketing hype. Additionally, it is critical that this procedure is undertaken in a safe operating environment that ensures sterility and careful patient monitoring regardless of whether the liposuction is performed with sedation or general anaesthesia.


As with all body contouring surgery, it is highly desirable that patients achieve a near ideal weight pre-operatively. This allows the area undergoing surgery to be optimally blended with the surrounding body.

Post-Op Recovery

  • Patients are encouraged to shower and mobilise from the first post-operative day.
  • Elasticised compression garments (e.g. lycra type tights for thigh liposuction) are a critical part of post-operative care. These garments minimise bruising and encourage the elastic retraction of the skin after the underlying fat has been removed.
  • Prompt return to active mobility is encouraged and improves outcomes.

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