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Dr Stretch Eyelid Lift

As part of normal ageing, the skin of the eyelids may become loose and baggy. Additionally, fatty tissue behind the upper and lower eyelids may bulge behind the loose skin. In certain cases the redundant upper eyelid may partially obscure vision, especially at the periphery of the visual fields. Because to the very effective way in which these issues can be improved with very well tolerated surgery, eyelid reduction procedures  are one of the most common aesthetic plastic surgery operations.

Eyelid rejuvenation (blepharoplasty) is commonly performed as a Day Only procedure. It is not usually associated with any appreciable pain, with most patients using Panadol (or nothing) for pain relief. Patients more commonly comment that mild tearing (as with a cold) is the most common complaint after surgery. Bruising is variable and unpredictable but generally hidden by make up after 7-10 days. Simple pull-out sutures are removed approximately 5 days after surgery.

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