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Dr Stretch Prominent Ear Correction

Prominent ears result from an unusually obtuse angle in the cartilage crease of the ear. Surgical techniques that allow this fold to be corrected can result in ears that appear entirely normal.  

Some young children can be self conscious about prominent ears and at times teased. The timing of any surgical procedure to correct this issue needs to carefully evaluate the concerns of the child and the potential impact on their social development. The child’s motivation and anticipated engagement with the process, including post-op bandages, all need to be carefully considered.

Post-operative Care

  • Soft protective bandages are applied at the end of the surgery. These protect the surgical wound and provide padding that assists with comfortable sleeping.
  • All bandages are removed about 5 days post-operatively.
  • A simple soft elasticised head band is then worn at night for another week or so.

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