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Dr Stretch Minor surgery in the office

Minor Surgery performed in our office procedure room

A number of skin lesions including small skin cancers can be very comfortably and conveniently removed in the procedure room within our practice. This invariable involves the use of local anaesthetic and often the whole process is completed in 20 Р30 minutes. These procedures utilise single use / disposable instrument sets and the same sterile processes used in the hospital operating rooms. Very experienced registered nurses organise the equipment and assist with procedures.

Our minor procedure room within the office

Set up for a minor local anaesthetic procedure in our office.

The sterile single use instrument pack used for minor local anaesthetic procedures.

Adrenalin that is contained within the anaesthetic solution constricts the blood capillaries in the surrounding skin causing it to appear pale. This minimises any bleeding and bruising.

A small amount of local anaesthesia has been injected beneath the skin lesion to be removed.

The dressing is removed the following morning and the wound washed as per normal in the shower. Any simple dressing including skin coloured paper tape can be used thereafter. Facial sutures are commonly removed 5-7 days later.

Sutured wound 5 days post operatively

Immediately after suture removal 5 days post operatively

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