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Dr Stretch Cosmetic removal of moles

There are circumstances where simple benign moles (naevi) are troublesome or the patient my simply prefer them gone. It is often possible to remove these naevi very simply and obtain a very pleasing outcome. This is commonly performed as a very minor operation in our procedure room within the practice.

Typically the process would involve

  • An initial consultation to evaluate the mole and explain the anticipated outcome, especially for lesions located on the face. An appropriate time for the procedure can then be established.
  • The procedure itself involves an initial injection of local anaesthetic and a short wait of 5-10 minutes whilst the site numbs. The excision and wound closure usually takes only a few minutes. A small gauze and tape dressing is commonly applied.
  • The dressing is then removed after a few hours or the following morning and thereafter the wound can get wet. Indeed it is almost invariably best for most sutured wounds to be gently washed/rinsed in running water daily. Simple non adherent dressings (band aids) can be used to prevent contact with clothing.
  • Sutures (stitches) are typically removed from sites on the face after 5-7 days. Many patients wonder why self dissolving sutures are not more commonly used. The reality is dissolving sutures can either prematurely loose their strength and allow the wound edges to separate, or persist too long and cause excessive wound irritation. When appropriate we use slowly absorbed internal sutures to support wound closures and to minimise scars and suture marks.

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