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Jonathan has practiced as a Plastic Surgeon actively involved in virtually all aspects of plastic surgery since returning to Sydney in 1991 from his Fellowship in Oxford.

His expertise and now focused on

  • Skin tumours of all forms including the management of melanoma within the context of a multidisciplinary team

  • Reconstructive Surgery

  • Cosmetic Surgery

The decision to undergo elective plastic surgery should only be made after careful discussions with your surgeon. This surgery should only proceed once you are satisfied with the information you have received and confident that you are well informed.

  • Pre-operative Consultations: Every patient undergoing any surgery needs to properly understand what they are undertaking. It is essential to take the time to consider all issues carefully. Printed information sheets provided by your surgeon need to be read carefully and you should write down any questions that arise so that they can be discussed during a further consultation.Patients contemplating cosmetic procedures may find second opinions helpful. I am always happy to suggest the names of colleagues who I believe will offer excellent assessments and opinions.
  • Cosmetic Surgery is not a retail product: It is becoming increasingly more difficult for patients to avoid developing the notion that cosmetic surgery is a retail product that can be selected “off the shelf” and comes with consumer guarantees like a manufactured product. No realm of medical practice can offer this certainty. Unfortunately “infotainment” type television programs and magazine articles deal with cosmetic surgery in very short presentations and the quality of the information provided is often doubtful. Disappointingly some individuals promoting cosmetic surgery do not properly represent the limitations and potential complications as fairly as they describe the benefits. The vast majority of popular cosmetic surgery operations are indeed associated with high levels of patient satisfaction, however this requires:
    • Appropriate patient selection
    • Comprehensive surgical training
    • Carefully explained preoperative information explaining both anticipated benefits and possible complications 
    • Diligent post-operative care

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